. The CEO aims to enter in the Australian market with a promotional budget of US$1 billion for a projected sales of 20,000 units

3 Written Assessment Assessment Title Individual Written Task Task Description Assignment Task Tesla Motor Inc. (https://www.teslamotors.com/) recently introduced energy efficient, battery powered electric vehicles in the USA and in some of the EU countries. The CEO aims to enter in the Australian market with a promotional budget of US$1 billion for a projected sales of 20,000 units of Tesla vehicles in its first year of entry in Australia. As a Tesla Marketing Manager, prepare a "marketing plan" for the Australian market for 2016-2017. Note Similar examples are available in your textbook and course Moodle site, where you will find some guidelines about how to prepare a marketing plan. You will also be guided by your lecturer and/or tutor. Each assessment should be uploaded as a .doc or .docx file (word file). The word count between executive summary and conclusion should not exceed 3000 words. The "turnitin" matching rate must not exceed 30%, otherwise there will be a penalty. The course coordinator will decide about the nature of this penalty. Please familiarize yourself with the policies, such as, assessment extension, late submission penalty and the like. If you have any difficulty, please discuss about this with your lecturer/tutor and course coordinator. Assessment Due Date Week 12 Friday (03-Jun-2016) 05:00 PM AEST Return Date to Students Exam Week Friday (17-Jun-2016) Weighting 40% Assessment Criteria Marking Criteria Title page: name, student ID, names of the lecturer and tutor, course code and title, table of contents, date of submission and word count --- 01 marks. Executive summary (four paragraphs or one page summarizing the whole report) --- 02 marks. Background (briefly write about the company, products, visions and mission, and current marketing objectives) --- 02 marks. Situation analysis (market summary including market demography and demand analysis, marketing environment/SWOT analysis, current competition, product and competitors` marketing promotional budget and sales analysis, target market and market positioning analysis) --- 15 marks. Marketing promotion objectives and strategies for 2016-2017 --- 10 marks. Media and budget allocation for 2016-2017 --- 05 marks. Conclusion, correct writing style & format, expression & language, citations & references etc. --- 05 marks. Referencing Style American Psychological Association (APA) Submission Online Find the upload link in the couse Moodle site.

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