the article that i will attach give an idea about the topic so don`t use it and summary it

Write a 3,000 word White Paper describing the BGP technology and its Performance and its Protection against Disturbed Denial of Service attack or other other attack You need to write a about the technology, the article that i will attach give an idea about the topic so don`t use it and summary it , you need to write and find about the topic and make something similar with facts so a white paper The majority of white papers fall into one of these three main flavours: 1. Backgrounders describe the technical features and benefits of a product or service 2. Numbered lists provide a light and lively roundup of highlights about some issue 3. Problem/solution white papers recommend a new, improved solution for a nagging business or technical problem The following Websites give you information on what a White Paper is and how it should be formatted. There also link to Industry White Papers. Use this information as an example to prepare your own for the technology you are discussing. h

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