Task This assessment requires you to design and develop an in-house training program to address the training

Task This assessment requires you to design and develop an in-house training program to address the training and / or development need that was identified from the Needs Assessment in Assessment 2. As a minimum, you will need to include the following information: Organisation • a brief description of the organisation • explain the importance of the training and/or development need that was identified Participants • identify participants • an explaination of the cohort of who need to participate in the program • how would the participants (and the organisation) benefit from the program Program Plan • a detailed plan based on your choice of learning theories • program objectives (no more than four objectives) • schedule and planned activities • method of delivery • instructions for the trainer • feedback / evaluation Resources Required • outline all the resources required that would facilitate design, implementation and evaluation of the program`s success or failure • hand outs, notes and/or powerpoints for trainees • technologies required • location • staff • financial Possible Barriers • management support • perception and participation • finance • conflicting priorities Please be realistic about the scope of the project that you select, and keep this to a manageable level. Whilst it is hypothetically assumed that you will be the trainer of the program, it needs to be develop at a level where any trainers could easily understand and used it for training purposes. You should also explain and justify your choice of various learning theories used to design the program. Rationale This assessment is designed to foster reflective thinking and collaborative professional engagement. This assessment task covers topics 6 – 12 and builds on what was learned from topics 1 – 5. More specifically it seeks to assess your ability to: • recommend suitable learning theories that can be utilised in specific organisational environments; • design and evaluate a training and development program for a specific organisational context; and • contextualise evolving directions of training and development within Australian organisational contexts, including emerging best practices.

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