Sustainability and the Environment

You boss has asked for you to write a report on the requirements and considerations the company needs to make in
order to relocate a number of their plants and factories. You advise your boss that you need to know what products
are being made, where these factories are currently located and where will they be located, how big the plants are
and so many other questions. With a sigh and an eye-roll typical of someone who is very busy and slightly cynical, she
simply says: “be generic”.

After a nice coffee, your boss gives you some more helpful information. She explains that, “as a large multi-national,
we have lots of different products, different size plants, located in different parts of the world.” She recommends you:

Consider general issues associated with a variety of manufactured products;

Consider the issues associated with a range of different sized companies;

Consider plants that make single products, and plants that make multiple products; and

Consider issues associated with crossing international boarders.

Your boss also explains the fact that the “moving the plants” concept has been raised a number of times as a potential

cost-cutting measure, but nothing ever happens. Therefore, she suggests you look at how product manufacturing
could also be changed and improved as an alternate means of cost-cutting.

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