support the relationships mentioned above.

Like any business, the main entities or object of the university business function/operation consists of a large range of collective information. To streamline, for a university to function and operate well, collection of faculty and student information is necessary which are usually identified as faculty ID and student ID. Other attributes to consider are course numbers, campus locations, building numbers, and so on.

In my limited experiences with databases, I would suggest that the prime key be the Student ID field and here’s why. Students should be the top priority of any education institution and their data should also be treated as such. But in the background under “The Privacy Act” guidelines, I can assure you that student SSN have a relationship associated with this field. This makes for an easier process when retrieving students data for those that are no longer students.

Determine whether the relationships between each of the chosen entities are one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many relationships. Justify your response.

One-to-one: StudentID to StudentID/FacultyID to Faculty my thoughts, these identification numbers are to be treated the same as a individuals SSAN. Unique to one person and their personal information.

One-to-many: StudentID to many CourseID, Building numbers, campus locations. Here is an example. I have attended universities that my student ID card will allow me to gain access to certain buildings after normal duty hours but not all. So my StudentID was associated to those buildings with unique perimeter.

CourseID to campus locations, StudentID, FacultyID, and so on. This is only a small example of a very big picture. CourseID are associated all throughout a database, therefore, it not unique in nature.

Explain the key manner in which the university business function/operation and the business rules associated with that business function/operation support the relationships mentioned above. Also, explain the fundamental ways in which the relationships could change, based on the interpretation of the given business rules.

Relationships will definitely change if something like the CourseID were no longer taught at the university. In this case, the business rules would need to be realigned which could affect a database dramatically.

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