Summary of the personal impact the conclusions to the questions had on you.

His insight into Christian beliefs may help you clarify and articulate your beliefs. Often we do not take the time to examine our views after having accepted them uncritically from others. Reading Lewis will challenge you to consider the essence of your Christian beliefs. C.S. Lewis Views Paper Read Book 2 (What Christians Believe) in the textbook by Lewis titled Mere Christianity. Write a 3 page paper that pulls together the responses to the questions and instructions below. Summarize the paper with how the information impacted you. To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed: People who believe in God can be divided into two groups. Describe each group and tell how their views differ (The Rival Conceptions of God). What are the two views of our world (The Invasion)? What are the alternatives for the creation of humanity? What is the shocking alternative (The Shocking Alternative)? What is the central belief of Christianity? (In theological terms, we call this atonement. It relates to the cross.) What is the hole into which man has fallen? What is the only way out? How did Christ become our model (The Perfect Penitent)? What are the three means by which God communicates the Christ-life to us? What are the objections to the approach to Christianity discussed in this section (The Practical Conclusion)? Summary of the personal impact the conclusions to the questions had on you.

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