Structure of DNA

1.1. Explain the structure of DNA with reference to nucleotides, base pairing and hydrogen bonding. 
1.2. Explain the semi conservative nature of DNA replication. 

2.1. Explain transcription and translation. 

3.1. Explain the relationship between mitosis and the cell cycle. 
3.2. Explain mitosis with reference to: the behaviour of chromosomes during interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. 

4.1. Explain the principle events of meiosis with reference to: pairing of homologous chromosomes, formation of bivalents, chiasma formation and exchange between chromatids, separation of chromatids and production of haploid cells. 
4.2. Explain the importance of meiosis in gamete formation and fertilisation. 
4.3. Explain how meiosis can lead to variation. 

5.1. Draw conclusions from monohybrid crosses involving dominant, recessive and codominant alleles. 
5.2. Draw conclusions from the inheritance of sex linked alleles using red-green colour blindness and haemophilia as examples. 
5.3. Draw conclusions from the inheritance of multiple alleles using A, B and O blood groups as examples.

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