Solid State Devices

How you can create a tensile and compressive stressor layer of Si3N4 using PECVD method? What is the scientific formulation behind that?

2. In the classroom, we discussed about a Professor whose research has produced the maximum number of a specific thin film deposition source material. Go to that Professor`s website and make a comprehensive list of the source materials (it can be liquid, gas, solid) and identify them as metal, dielectric or semiconductor.

3. Write 3 examples of tertiary thin films made with sputtering process. Bonus 2 points for 2 more examples with the highest number of elements alloyed through sputtering process.

4. Give an example of a epitaxial thin film which can be grown by MOCVD and MBE both. Then compare them using manufacturability yardstick. Now we have discussed a few times in the classroom regarding what constitutes manufacturability. 


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