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should consider current events, issues that affect the lives of you and your classmates

04 / 02 / 2019 HRM

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The goal of this speech is to choose a current events topic and deliver a persuasive presentation to our
class. This is a persuasive speech where you will argue in favor or against your topic. You will attempt
to challenge our class to change or maintain a specific way of thinking or acting. This is an individual
speech.Informing audiences about new ideas and concepts is all well and good, but for ages, public speaking has been used for another purpose: persuading audiences to take action. From politicians to teachers to leaders of social movements, persuasion is used to educate and motivate. For this 7 minute presentation, you will deliver a persuasive speech about an issue related to our everyday lives. Your topic should be creative and somewhat controversial. The topic you choose will depend on your interests, but it should be relevant, professional, and significant. Many students in the past have chosen to research an issue of sustainability (Going Green) or issues of social justice.You should consider current events, issues that affect the lives of you and your classmates, and/or
concerns you consider to be problems in need of a solution. Explore the issues facing your community to
get a sense of whats both relevant to your peers
and worthy of a 7-8 minute presentation. Consider
both local and global issues: topics like raising tuition to increase the number of classes, trolley
transportation, the use of recyclable materials on campus, or other broader topics (health care,
immigration, free college). Your solution should leave the class with an action step that they can do on
their own. You should be prepared to persuade your audience to do something that they can enact (and
actually do) upon leaving the classroom (List dates of next event, provide a website to donate money,
contact info to write a leader on this topic, create your own fundraiser, or follow this twitter/facebook
1. Things to consider when selecting a topic:

Pick a topic you are passionate about! This will help you be successful in delivering your speech.

For everyones sake, please do not select a topic that is overused (exercise, eating healthy,
smoking, death penalty, legalizing marijuana).The topic should be sensitive to the demographics of the audience based on gender, race,
ethnicity, culture, age, sex, etc.
2. Please see the Persuasive Speech Outline Handout on Canvas
3. You can use one note card for this presentation.
4. Your outline needs to be typed, double-spaced, and in 12 point font. Outline & Speech Requirements:1. Within your speech, you must use examples and facts.
2. You must use at least 1 expert quotation
and at least 1 statistic; they must be introduced with a
verbal footnote.3. Minimum of 8 references must be cited in the outline. The sources can be: websites, magazines,
academic /science journals, books (online and paper/hard back), and newspapers. You cannot use
Wikipedia or dictionary.com as 1 of your references.
A list of your references will be turned in APA
format with your outline.4. You must site your 3 of your references in the speech. You can do this by saying: According to
Fisher, 1 out of 3 people who…. These are called verbal footnotes.5. You must use the Stock Issues format to organize your outline and speech (Problem, Causes, and
Solution). 6. A presentation aid must be utilized at an appropriate time during the speech. A presentation aid may include graphs, pictures, props, models, charts, and/or objects. PowerPoint can be used, but it should be used sparingly. You can show a video, but it cannot be longer than 60 seconds.7. You should dress professionally/appropriately. Your clothes should not distract from your
presentation.8. Obviously, I will grade the strength of your argument as well as how you deliver your speech.
In this presentation, you will learn the following Student Learning Objectives:1. Choose and narrow a topic appropriately for this audience.
2. Generate a well-reasoned argument for this occasion.
3. Assess the strength of relative supporting evidence.
4. Create content in the Stock Issues format for an appropriate audience and purpose.
5. To demonstrate effective vocal variety and nonverbal communication (gestures and
movement) skills.
6. To create a connection with the audience through competent eye contact.
7. To demonstrate confidence and energy throughout the presentation.
8. To utilize appropriate language for the purpose and audience.
9. To effectively adapt to various public speaking situations and circumstances.
10. To gain public speaking experience with effective use of presentation aids.
11. To create a persuasive message on a relevant, current events topic.
12. To utilize rhetorical proofs as a means of persuasion (ethos, pathos, logos).

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