saint leo hca402 module 4 discussion latest 2016 september

saint leo hca402 module 4 discussion latest 2016 september

Module 4 Discussion” alt=”AAFP” title=”AAFP”> 1.Explain the demographics, socioeconomic, and community health problems, of the U.S. aging populations.2.Under the Affordable/Accountable Care Act (2010) and programs such as The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), how are the instrumental needs of the elderly being met?3.Under Accountable Care Organizations, there is a new concept called the “Patient-Centered Medical Home”. Is this new long term care model a viable alternative to traditional medical and long term care? Guest Lecture: AAFP (2012) The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Building a Better Health Care Model. Presentation attached below.Sources: Medicaid. (2012)”>PACE , and CMS. (2013)”>ACOs, and”>Urban Institute. (2011) Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition ToolsAnswer one or more of the questions above as time permits. Use scholarly sources and cite them. Remember to do your two required response posts.”>”>AAFP Slidshow

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