saint leo hca402 module 3 discussion latest 2016 september

saint leo hca402 module 3 discussion latest 2016 september

Module 3 Discussion” alt=”Hepatitis” title=”Hepatitis”> Part I:Individual Risk Assessment Acute Infectious Disease Risk Assessment:”>Take the CDC’s Viral Hepatitis Risk Assessment. Hepatitis A, B, C Chronic Heart Disease Risk Assessment:”>Take the Framingham Heart Study test for Cardiovascular Disease (30-year risk); (calculator)In general terms, what are some of the risk factors identified from your research assessment? What other types of risk factors are a concern to public and environmental health that may be identified through a risk assessment?PART II: Public Health Risk Assessment:The health risk assessment is typically described as consisting of four basic steps: 1) hazard identification, 2) exposure assessment, 3) dose-response assessment, and 4) risk characterization. Explain these steps. Note: You may do Part I, II or both discussion questions as time permits.

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