Risk Management

1.    Write a short essay entitled “The cost of risk”.
2.    Discuss the mechanisms of financing. In your discussion describe the main strategies of loss financing.
3.    Draw a diagram showing a risk management model within a financial management risk structure. Discuss the qualifications of this model.
Write an essay on “Fire and engineering risk control”, mention the following:
Legal requirements
Maintenance policies
Risk control
(Please Note: Your assignment MUST NOT exceed 1500 words).
4.    Name three advantages captive insurance companies have over commercial insurance companies. In what ways might these benefit the insured?
5.    Explain why speculative risks usually cannot be insured.
6.    Explain the three methods for individual risk rating.
7.    Explain what any Risk Manager should know about “Legal Liabilities”.
8.    Describe “Risk Liability”.
9.    Explain a “liability crisis”.

summarise the major learning points from the whole of your study programme with particular reference to:-
The concepts of risk and uncertainty.
The principles of risk management.
Risk evaluation, assessment and control.
Risk control and risk retention.
Legal liabilities.

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