responsible for conforming to high ethical standards?

Source Attached: Thompson, A. A. (2016). Strategy: Core concepts and analytical approaches (5th ed.). Burr Ridge, IL: McGraw-Hill Education.Part One (Chapter 7)
Explain why.-Do you believe the type of company and its product mix might impact your decision-making? Why or why not?Part Two (Chapter 9/10)
-Does a company have a duty to go beyond legal requirements and hold all company personnel responsible for conforming to high ethical standards? Explain why or why not. (Chapter 9)-Does a company have an obligation to be a good corporate citizen? Defend your position. (Chapter 9)-How might your responses to the first two questions translate to good strategy execution? Be specific and provide examples. (Chapter 10)****(Must use a few direct in-text citations or paraphrase and cite, include page number, APA format, 300 WORDS per page)

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