Research Quality

The assignment will be marked on the basis of four general criteria: quality of the research, analysis, argument and presentation.
Research quality means:
    That the student has undertaken sufficient independent research to address the research topic.
    The research conducted by the student is relevant to the topic.
Analysis means:
    There is sufficient evidence contained in the essay to show that the student understands the topic.
    That where the essay canvasses an issue where points of view differ, that the student presents those various arguments.
Argument means:
    The student displays critical thinking where required.
    The student is able to construct an argument or conclusion that logically follows from the facts presented.
Presentation covers:
    Proper citation in footnotes and a bibliography
    Clear expression used throughout the essay
    The essay is well structured
    In relation to presentation, the use of headings and sub-headings is acceptable.
    Students may only use bullet points if the facts or arguments presented in such a list are clearly articulated and explained.

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