Research planning a practical investigation on Biology

Criteria to follower

1.1    negotiate an appropriate and relevant area for investigation

1.2    identify an appropriate theme and working title for the project 

1.3    develop a proposal for the proposed investigation project including rational aim and objects

1.4    Give theoretical context to your investigation through describing underpinning concepts and theories

2.1 identify key stages in the investigation

2.2 produce a plan for the proposed investigation identifying time and resources required at each stage.

2.3 select appropriate methodology to be used in the project

2.4 select and use a range of relevant sources and materials from the knowledge domain

Question 1

Please write 250 words giving a theoretical context to your investigation. You need to describe underpinning concepts and theories relation to your given topic.

Here you will be telling the reader about the stress response, how personality is linked, the differences between different personality and stress. Remember there may be researchers who criticise these ideas so when possible it is a good idea to cite that your support your understand as well as those who refuse it. 

Time frame log to conduct and write up the proposed research if the experiment was to be carried out.

2.You may wish to include the following

Time to do backgrounding reading write up an introduction, reference list, prepare your methodology section, recruit your participants, collect and analyse your data and complete a discussion, conclusion and abstract.

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