Research Methods in Social Science

Research Methods in Social Science

Research Methods in Social Science

Essay Assignment

Essay topic:Compare and contrast the purpose, mechanics, strengths, and
weaknesses of field, experimental, and survey research.

Length:About 2500 words (8–10 pages)

Instructions:Write an essay about the topic specified above. Your essay must
address the following questions:

What are the main purposes of field, experimental, and survey

What are the mechanics of each method? This should include a
brief description of sampling techniques and the data collection process.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three methods?

When is it appropriate to use each method?

What are the similarities and differences between the methods?

This assignment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your
knowledge of the similarities and differences between these methods. This task
requires drawing on information from Units 6, 9, 10, 11, and 13. Make reference
to readings from the units listed in the previous sentence. You may use
additional references that are not part of the course readings, although this
is not required.


The essay must be double-spaced, in 12-point font, with standard
1.25-inch margins on the top, bottom, left and right.

The essay must have a cover page with the title of the assignment,
your name, and your student ID.

Use APA style for all in-text citations and references. Visit”>Write Sitefor detailed information about APA style.

Submit your work using the assignment link in Moodle.

Students who do not follow these guidelines will be penalized.

Plagiarism:Plagiarism is a form of academic misconduct prohibitedby Athabasca University’s regulations, and these regulations
also set out sanctions against offenders. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses
the words or ideas of another person without giving proper credit.

Evaluation Sheet for Essay Assignment

Students will be awarded full marks if they address all the
requirements in each section of the essay.

Introduction (5 points)

Clear statement about the purpose of the essay.

Overview of the essay.

“Body” (75 points)

Address all of the following (not necessarily in the same

Main purposes of the three methods (10 points)

Appropriate use of the methods (10 points)

Mechanics of the methods (30 points)

Strengths and weaknesses of each method (15 points)

Emphasis on similarities and differences between the methods (10

Conclusion (5 points)

Clearly summarize what you have addressed in the essay.

Format (10 points)

In-text citation and references

Structure and organization

Creativity and originality of essay (5 points)

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