Reflection on Research Proposal

It might be small or newly opened charity organizations that are going to be affected from my research, if they can also maintain good size matters and graphics and good structure for their website, they may not be affected from my research 
Dear Shiva,
I truly appreciate the opportunity to give some suggestions on your reflective account
•I think that you should specified one charity organization in UK because without a clear target, you may lose your focus and motivation as your research progresses.
•Specified one charity organization will also assist to avoid any ethical issues in your research and you should be aware about ethical considerations in your research.
•You do not mention any research methods and logic steps- what to do and how to achieve proposed objectives. I suggest that face to face interview is a suitable method which allows you to gain useful information in a highly economical way (Dawson, 2009).
•You can define and discuss in your research current issues facing the charity sector in UK and try solve these problems in your website.
I hope that these suggestions are helpful to improve your research proposal

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