Reflect on what the article might be saying about how to read in your particular discipline ?

3. Shanahan Article Reflection: (Article in attachments)
1. Shanahan and Shanahan wrote an article entitled Teaching Disciplinary Literacy
to Adolescents: Rethinking Content Area Literacy (2008 — Harvard Educational
Review) that is the foundation for our understanding of disciplinary differences
in secondary reading. After you read the article, write a 2-3 page reflection. Use
a cover page, 12 pt. font, New Times Roman, standard margins. Focus on each of
the following topics:
You might also think about what reading means in your discipline
(what sorts of things are read? Books, articles, lab reports, electronic media,
or even other things like musical notes, or reading the pattern of the opposing
team in sports).
2) What is your role in teaching students in your discipline? What does the
article say about this? How does the article apply to you as a future teacher?
3) Summarize the focus and main points of the article.

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