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Refer to relevant authority

Question 1


With reference to the cases of Khosa& Others v Minister of Social Development & Others 2004


(6) BCLR 569 (CC), discuss whether non-South African citizens qualify for social security and social assistance while they are working or residing in South Africa?



Question 2


Human rights, human security and human development are interdependent, inter-related and indivisible, thus constitute inseparable ingriedients in Africa’s quest for prosperity. It is against this background that the African Union (AU) has on the foundation laid by the organization of African Unity (OAU) strengthen the continental framework to promote the realization of human rights in Africa. Do you think Africa has made remarkeble progress as far as human rights is concerned?





Question 3


The right to life is protected under section 11 of the South African Constitution. It states that

‘everyone has the right to life’. Although this is the shortest and simpliest provision in the entire


Constitution, it is perceived as the most fundamental of all human rights. Discuss with reference to S v Makwanyane and Another 1995 (3) SA 391 (CC)?




Question 4


Section 9(3) lists 17 prohibited grounds of discrimination. These grounds may be categorised under different classification, those that are rather controversial and those that are fairly uncontroversial. Discuss with reference to Pillay v Kwa Zulu- Natal MEC of Education and Other


AR 791/05 [2000] ?



Question 5


Euthanasia means the hastening of the death of a person who is terminally ill with no prospect of recovery or someone who is permanently unconscious with no prospectof recovering cosciousness. Critically discuss the legality of euthanasia?



Question 6


An amnesty shall not include within its scope immunity from prosecution for serious violations of human rights or other serious international crimes other than those listed in artyicle 3, except in so far as there is, in the all circumstances, otherwise no reasonable prospect of achieving a peaceful transition. Discuss the above proposition?






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