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In this case, as the referee in this case, after the accident Mr Adam can make the police report within 24 hours from the time of the incident and the need to make a copy of the report. Next, he had to seek medical treatment at a clinic or hospital nearby and then need to get a copy of the medical. In addition, he must inform himself about what happened to the child immediately. Before the trial in the lower court, the claim must be filed and submitted to the other party within the prescribed period. Parties must file a bond Piding containing the statement of claim, statement of defense, counterclaim if any, and the bundle of documents. Both sides have exchanged the bundle of documents within 14 days before the hearing date.
During the trial in the lower court, Mr. Adam as the plaintiff that the claimant must prove his claim against the defendant. He shall summon witnesses an accident is to strengthen that he was in the correct state. However, Mr Azizul as defendants, parties should also be required to call witnesses and to prove a defense to what is claimed by the plaintiff.
After the trial, both sides roll up their respective cases at the end of the trial, the court will give feedback on that day or on another day. If there is dissatisfaction with the verdict that party can appeal to the High Court. Notice of appeal must be filed within 14 days from the date of delivery of judgment in the Registry of the Court where the decision is made.


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