Qualitative research

What is qualitative research?
Why is qualitative research?  …what is it’s primary role/goal in business/education?

When do we use qualitative research method instead of quantitative research method?  

When do we use qualitative research with quantitative research?

What research topics suit qualitative research?
What are ‘sub-topics’ in qualitative research?  …ppt over 

What is a ‘literature review’ & why must we conduct one?  …AA1
What is a ‘research gap’? …and what are ‘secondary research questions’?  
How do we collect data when conducting qualitative research? 
  …the interview
What are open ‘How & why…?’ questions?
  …the semi-structured interview = deeper, richer

Why must we receive Ethics Committee approval to conduct qualitative research? …and how do we gain that approval?  …AA2

What is the Perry 5-chapter approach to reporting on qualitative research?  …ppt

How do we record interview data? …and get interview participant approval? …AA3
How to we meaningfully analyse interview data?  …AA4
How do we draw robust conclusions from interview data?  …AA4
What is the outcome of qualitative research?
Executive summary /abstract 
     Briefly describe the primary research question (PRQ) and research gap(s) found
     directly relevant to your PRQ 
     Why the research question is a question worth answering

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