Psychiatric Injury

Liam and Michael both work for Nextbuild as bricklayers. Owen, Liam’s brother, is a site manager. All three are currently working on building a five storey office block. During his morning break Liam opens a sealed yellow opaque bottle which is labelled as a popular energy drink manufactured by Prochem and Liam drinks a large quantity of liquid from the bottle. In fact the liquid in the bottle is an ammonia-based bleach solution for cleaning toilets which is also manufactured by Prochem but would usually be contained in a different coloured bottle with different labelling. Liam immediately starts to bleed from his mouth, nose and ears and quickly falls unconscious. Michael at this point is still laying bricks on the fifth floor of the office block. Because it has not been properly secured the scaffolding off which Michael is working partly collapses and Michael falls to the ground below losing consciousness as his head hits the floor. Owen, who is nowhere near the scaffolding when it collapses, takes both Liam and Michael to Portheantun Hospital. When Liam and Michael arrive at the hospital they are both pronounced dead. Quentin, the doctor who examines Michael and pronounces him dead, is so distressed by the extent of Michael’s injuries that Quentin now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and cannot return to work. Owen was present with Liam when Liam was declared dead. Owen now suffers from grief and has a phobia about hospitals. Consider the possibility of success in the following potential claims: 1. A claim by Liam’s estate against Prochem for his fatal injuries. 2. A claim by Michael’s estate against Nextbuild for his fatal injuries. 3. A claim by Quentin against Nextbuild for his psychiatric injury. 4. A claim by Owen against Prochem for his psychiatric injury.

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