Provide centralised storage of company data in an appropriate file

Provide centralised storage of company data in an appropriate file and folder structure and provide backup and restoration capability using a suitable backup program, schedule and media.
Provide an environment where company resources can be shared and easily accessed by the users who require it by implementing access controls that restrict access to data and resources to only employees that require it to carry out their work.
Auditing of users accessing the following network resources is required.
Staff records folder..
Financial records folder.
Research&Development data folder.
Customer records folder.
User are to be restricted to 4 consecutive login attempts before being locked out of the system.
The lockout period for failed login attempts is to be 15 minutes, after this time period has elapsed the users account is to be unlocked.
All User Accounts are to have the full details of the user included and recorded on a User Account Record sheet.
Details of all server settings, policies and network topology are to be fully documented.
As the management are expecting the company to grow over the next few years they require a network setup that is easy to expand when required.
Provide the capability to implement phase two of the network without major changes or disruption to the network structure.

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