Provide a one paragraph précis of the case as an introduction.

Provide a one paragraph précis of the case as an introduction. List the assumptions you are making regarding the dynamics of the organisation and the market. Question one: What is the problem or the key issue in the case? You may list a range of symptoms however you must finish this question with a one or two sentence, marketing related, problem statement/question (See note on problem statement. (15%) Question two: Undertake a brief situation analysis (5Cs). At the end of the analysis create an Active/Matrix SWOT (See topic 12). (20%) Question three: Using segmentation theory, define the major segments (use table to consolidate). Using a structured criterion, explain and justify which segment you would target as main focus of your marketing mix strategy. (15%) Question four: a) Outline the objectives (SMART) for the organisation. b) Explain your proposed marketing mix strategy for the organisation (15%. c) Justify your proposed strategy by explaining how your marketing mix strategy will overcome the identified problem (Q1) and achieve the stated objective (25%). You are being asked to prove, with evidence and theory, that your proposed strategy will work. (40%) Question five: Discuss any implications you envisage for the implementation of your proposed strategy. (10%)

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