Professional Research and Analysis for Accountants

1. An introduction and background to the above-mentioned issue. (Maximum 500 words)

2. A literature review on female board participation (at least 4 published academic

refereed articles) and directors’/ executive compensation (at least 4 published

academic refereed articles). Your literature review can focus on academic research

around the word. The first part of the literature review should focus on female board

participation on corporate boards and impacts on different corporate aspects

(performance, stock price, etc.). The second part of literature review should concentrate

on director/ executive compensation and impacts on different corporate aspects such as

performance, stock price, financial reporting quality etc. Your literature review should

provide evidence that you have carefully examined the academic refereed articles

(altogether at least 4 + 4 = 8 articles), understand them, and have been able to

summarise the essential content by integrating them into your own arguments and

perspective. (Maximum 800 words)

3. Development of hypotheses. You have to provide logical/ theoretical reasoning to

develop your hypothesis. The hypothesis could be developed along the lines of

examining the relationship between a particular type of remuneration (such as salary,

bonus, stock option etc.) of female directors and financial reporting quality or examining

the relationship between total remuneration package of female directors and financial

reporting quality. (Maximum 800 words)

4. Research methods/ design, including (Maximum 700


a. sources of information to be used to gather relevant data

b. sampling techniques

c. definition of variables to be used in the models

d. models to be used to examine the hypothesis/ hypotheses

5. Conclusions emphasising potential implications 

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