Policing is a major theme present within hip hop

Policing is a major theme present within hip hop. Below are several songs that discuss many aspects related to this theme. Applying lyrical content to your analysis and incorporating readings, discuss the power of hiphop in discussing oppression and inequality as it relates to police. Be sure to follow the rubric. Tracklist: Talib Kweli – The Proud Public Enemy – 911 is a Joke J Cole – Be Free Bob Marley – Get up Stand Up Kendrick Lamar – Blacker the Berry KRS-One Sound of da police Ice-T – Cop Killer Immortal Technique - The Other white meat Eminem – We as Americans Jay Z – 99 problems The Pharcyde - Officer Dead Prez - Police State Immortal Technique – Bin Laden 2Pac – A Crooked Nigga

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