HEALTH PROJECT TOPIC (BRIEF) Personalised Medicine: Developments from research and greater knowledge in areas such as genomics, pharmacogenomics, molecular medicine etc. etc. indicates that personalised medicine is moving from research to clinical practice with the potential to tailor therapy and treatments to individuals or groups of patients to support earlier diagnoses, risk assessments, and optimal treatments. A CEO of a hospital, clinic and treatment centre group wants a brief on the development and practical implications for personalised medicine in the organisation. This brief is to focus on the strategic and implications for personalised medicine, and while it will be informed by clinical developments, the key requirement of this brief is to set out the various strategic, planning and operational impact on the health services (e.g. costs, education, models of care (to name a few)). In your brief set out your findings in terms of the coming 10 year period; differentiation as to what is/will be still research based development compared to actual delivery of new and changed treatment programs. This brief is to set out the impact of personalised medicine for health in an organisation of this type.

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