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Stricture of the report practical reports should be written in the format of a scientific report (i.e. include a short introduction/aims, methods, results, discussion) but need only be short and concise. The methods section needs only refer to the relevant pages in the subject manual unless changes are made to the protocols during class. Results obtained in class (e.g. gel photos, etc.) should be included in the results section and questions posed in the subject manual should be answered in the discussion section of the report.  I upload 5 files File number 1 is experiments 2 from manuals and questions that you suppose to answer it in the report discussion File number 2 is This file contains images showing the typical profiles observed on agarose gels after electrophoresis of PCR products in which the following PCR reaction parameters were varied: (1) effect of varying template amount; (2) effect of varying MgCl2 concentration; (3) effect of varying primer concentration. Use the example images for comparison with your class results. File number 3 This file contains an image of the DNA size standard used for electrophoresis in this week`s classes. The sizes of the bands are included in the image. File number 6 is the result File number 5 shows the students that loaded 3 parts of PCR experiment use at least 5 reference

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