Outsourcing of ICT

Start a new journal so you can keep a log of YOUR activities undertaken in this project. Your columns should include item reference number, date of entry, activity name, activity description, planned action, status - open or closed, and any notes. Make an entry every time you do any work on your assignment. The journal is the diary of your project – not a fictional account. The journal should be attached as an Appendix to your report

TASK 4.02    Report on outsourcing of ICT (20 Marks)
You will undertake research on outsourcing of ICT and produce a brief report to the CEO. You need to consider the objectives (i.e. what might the CEO be trying to achieve via outsourcing) and undertake research on the pros and cons of outsourcing. Outline the different outsourcing delivery models the CEO might want to consider using as part of the solution). You will also recommend a scope – ie what specific aspects of ICT development, acquisition and maintenance should be outsourced.

TASK 4.03    Process flow model (10 Marks)
Using any of the approaches to business analysis modelling draw a process flow of the activities involved in specification, RFI, RFT, evaluation, selection of supplier, contract negotiation, implementation and service management. 

TASK 4.04    RFI (10 Marks)
You decide to include a RFI (Request for Information) step in your outsourcing project. You will need to draft a brief that will be advertised and issued to identify potential suppliers. This should provide enough information for them to identify if they are a potential supplier.

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