Optimal Capital Structure

This assignment requires you (in a group of 2-3 students) to provide a literature review on one of the following topics: 
Optimal capital structure: does it exist? Islamic financing: can it work in Western system of financing? The behaviour of interest rates: does it affect financial institution`s returns? What is financial management important in a firm`s decision making process? 
Assignment Instructions:  
Form a group (You will work in the same group for the duration of the semester) It is good idea to nominate a group leader with responsibility to coordinate and communicate Choose the topic of your choice from the list provided.  Read enough materials to gain reasonable understanding of the concepts underpinning the chosen topic Read literature review section of research articles in finance and financial management. Determine the format of your literature review Research relevant literature (this may include journal articles, conference papers, thesis, government regulation and policies, court cases and expert commentaries.  Carefully write up the literature review Complete the draft Get proof read or screened read by third party. Your lecturer may also help to do this. Revise, finalise and submit.  

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