Opportunity Analysis of New Business Venture I would like to write about an idea of launching an app

Opportunity Analysis of New Business Venture I would like to write about an idea of launching an app "Grab-a-Nurse" in Singapore which mean for sick and not well people book a nurse at the tap of a button. Sometimes, not all the people need to see doctor, some might just need to change dressing, some just need assistance in feeding in order to save waiting time at clinic, hospitals, save money as well as convenient for patients. So I would like to write an assignment of New idea to launch "Grab-a-Nurse" in Singapore for those people. References are preferred to be text books and academic articles, and good English. Preferably, the writer allows amendments request as necessary in prompt time. I have uploaded the lecture notes, assignments informations and one of the example of "new buiness venture" too. The assignment should include all the facts that stated below: - Elements of self-analysis, that illustrate the author`s ability to cope with the physical, emotional and intellectual demands of driving the new venture.  Proposed venture description, that details the product or service that will be offered and its value proposition,  Market research, incorporating the demographic makeup of the target segment and, where appropriate, analysis of behaviouristic, geographic and psychographic characteristics.eg. nursing area, patient waiting time, cost etc.  Include appropriate survey e.g. Concept Statement with short survey, Buying Intentions Survey  Industrial analysis, to gain an understanding of the relative strength of competitors.  Technical feasibility study, detailing specialised equipment, facilities, patents, labour and expertise that will be required.  Financial feasibility study, to determine start-up costs, sources of capital investment, and projected earnings and profitability over time.  Scenario versions (if applicable) to provide “what if” options for the venture`s success.  A view on the scalability of the new venture. The opportunity analysis will be assessed on:  An entrepreneurial approach to opportunity evaluation and management  The breadth and currency of research sources  Appropriate use of analytical methods and frameworks  Evidence of applied innovation  Critical thinking in discussion and argument  Good scholarly practice  Professionalism of presentation

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