QUT Nursing Second year SUBJECT TRANSITIONING TO NURSING PRACTISE Please select two topics from below LIST • developing and maintaining therapeutic relationships • being a life long learner (how it support professional development) • the value of patient centred care • using communication (inter and intra) effectively • knowing your scope of practice to ensure safe practice • working within professional boundaries • working effectively within teams • working effectively as a collaborator (Teamwork and collaboration are different. Be careful) • supporting others by working collegially • using critical reflection effectively • being accountable in your practice • role stress issues (eg. ambiguity, conflict, incongruity) • being an advocate (patient, workplace, workforce) • being an effective delegator as a graduate RN • decreasing the theory practice gap • the value of an appropriate skill mix for the graduate RN • working with a diverse workforce • being prepared for horizontal violence PLEASE DONT TAKE ANY THING FROM PAST STUDENTS PAPERS.I NEED THIS AS A UNIQUE ASSIGNMENT.ONLY REFER TO BOOKS AND JOURNAL ARTICLES.I AM GOING TO UPLOAD THIS TO ASSINGMENT MINDER. THEREFORE I NEED SIMILARITY BELOW 15 % AGAIN PLEASE DONT COPY FROM PAST STUDENT PAPERS,I NEED UNIQUE ONE.PLEASE REFER ONLY TO BOOKS AND JOURNAL ARTICLES.I NEED SIMILARITY BELOW 15 % THANKS

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