Nursing Assignment

1.    What was the title of this reading? Who was the author(s)? When and where was it published? (1 mark)            
2.    What was the overall aim or topic of the study / chapter? (1 mark)
3.    If relevant: who conducted the research? Where was it carried out? Who were the participants? (1 mark)
4.    What conclusions did the authors reach and what was this based on?  (2 marks)
5.    How does this link to the topics being discussed? (2 marks)
6.    What new knowledge does this highlight for you as the reader and as a student nurse? (2marks)
7.    Glossary – choose 2-3 words that were unfamiliar, new or unclear to you. Find definitions and share with the class.  Please also up-load these to the Glossary-link on Moodle (1 mark). 

8.    Ask your tutorial group one question that links your reading to the topic of the week and generates discussion. 
(Copy the question here) (2 marks)

9.    Share with one of your peers an important aspect of this reading and briefly reflect on your peer discussion (2-4 sentences).
What similarities and differences about the content/concepts did you notice?
(Ask your tutor for support if you need help with this )
(3 marks)

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