Molecular sequence assignment : my molecule name is Complement component 6... Using the National Centre for Biotechnology Information website ( students will be required to determine the molecular sequence (nucleotide and amino acid) of a given molecular, my molecule is complement component 6, find an appropriate article and write a short report).. using the nucleotide blast search program, to search for the Accession number, base pair sequence of a given molecule. You will then be required to predict the correct amino acid reading frame of your base pair sequence, detailing how this was done. Once you have correctly found your substance, you will need to find an article that describes the cloning and/or characterisation of the sequence. Download this article, and write a review outlining the article; 1000 words. Ensure that you include a copy of the article that you have reviewed when you submit your assignment. Remember that all of the substances are from human (you may need to use the scientific name). Marks will be allocated for correct sequence identification and reading frame, understanding of content, formatting and referencing (Use APA referencing). i need copy of the article that you will review because i need to submit it with the assignment..

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