NSS Software Inc.

NSS Software Inc.

Professional Ethics

NSS Software Inc. has been hired to create an online banking program for NMM Bank. You are hired as an independent contractor to develop an IM module for the overall program. As per your contract, security of the messenger will be handled by NSS Software, Inc. After you deliver the module, you determine that NSS Software delivered the program without adding security to your IM module. You bring this to the attention of the banking program’s team leader who hired you and he explains that the team was over budget and behind schedule and therefore could not add the security features, but because this is just the IM module, and not related to any accounts, it won’t be a problem. He also reminds you of the confidentiality agreement in your contract which reads as follows:

Confidentiality: Subcontractor acknowledges that during the course of this agreement, subcontractor may come into the possession of certain confidential information regarding NSS Software Inc., including but not limited to proprietary information, software code, and business practices, disclosure of which to third parties may be damaging to NSS Software Inc. Subcontractor, therefore, agrees to maintain the confidentiality of said information in perpetuity, and not use said information except in the performance of this Agreement.

What would you do in this situation?

Review your classmates’ posts. Find someone who chose a different approach than you. Justify their position and propose at least one additional argument as to why their approach is appropriate.

Choose a classmate who chose a similar approach to the situation as you did. Argue why their approach is not appropriate in this situation.

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