define novel and local to your home country

Craft a memo for a client company of your choice. The memo must not exceed one (1) page, single-spaced, 11 point font. It has to provide clearly printed information in three sections: (a) Paragraph 1: Formulate that challenge in one sentence. Make sure the question is focused on the medium to long term and has major measurable impact on the organization. Please ask an open-ended, strategic how question and not a binary yes/no question. (b) Paragraph 2-4: Identify other types of actors that are established or emerging in the client firms industry or arena. Use a framework of your choice to communicate a pithy, valuable insight about each actors relevance for the disruption. The more recent, novel and local to your home country, the better, as we are always looking for unique lenses, HULT-style. (c) Paragraph 5+6: State a few macro-level global or regional trends, or forces and how they drive or shape the disruption. These should fall into a few of the following categories: social, technological, environmental, economic, political, legal and ethical, military (STEEPLEM / PESTELM). If your company gets chosen as a client for a team in the course, you will use your memo to immerse your team in your client situation, so make the memo good. Please note, however, that your particular company may or may not be chosen as one of 9-11 companies around which teams will get organized. But that does not impact your score for this assignment. In addition, if you end up working on another company during the course, you can still transport your thoughts-process from the assignment to the new company.

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