negotiation 1. You are in negotiation with someone you have never dealt with before. He suggests a compromise

1. You are in negotiation with someone you have never dealt with before. He suggests a compromise – “I’ll meet you half way”. If you accept this proposal you will have achieved more than you had hoped for before you started the negotiation. Do you:

a) Accept;
b) Decline;
c) Tell him that his offer is insulting;
d) Make a counter offer;
e) Stay silent;
f) Explain that you are looking for more; offer him something he wants if he reconsiders his position?


2. You are buying a car for cash. You ask what the discount for cash is at this garage. The salesman asks “What do you have in mind?” Do you:

a) suggest 5%;
b) suggest 10%;
c) suggest 20%;
d) repeat your question to the salesman; ask for additional items to be included in the deal at no extra cost?


3. You have been in negotiation for a long time and you are approaching a position on which you are prepared to settle. The other party is called out of the room to answer a telephone call. When he returns he announces that he must terminate the negotiation immediately. He offers you a deal if you will accept the position already reached – take it or leave it. How would you react:

a) ask for a five minute recess with your people;
b) accept the offer;
c) pretend that you didn’t understand what he has said and carry on with the negotiation;
d) try to make him feel unreasonable; decline the deal?


4. You wish to sell your boat which cost £48,000 two years ago. Based on professional advice you would be delighted to get £39,000 although you have a fall-back minimum of £37,500. Before you get around to putting it on the market an acquaintance offers you £40,000. In response do you:

a) accept with alacrity;
b) accept; c) ask for £42,000;
d) say you only wanted £39,500;
e) ask what he will pay for the extras;
f) stay silent; say you’ve been taken aback by his offer?

5. You are in negotiation in which you and the other party are unable to reach an agreement. Both sides believe firmly in their respective positions, and in many hours each has made only token movement. What would be your first preference of the following courses of action:

a) change negotiators;
b) offer a large concession;
c) offer a further small concession;
d) change the package and scope of the negotiation;
e) let it go to deadlock; be open about your feelings at the lack of movement?

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