Need to do 2 Articles Analysis: 1. Japan economy returns to growth in Q1,

Need to do 2 Articles Analysis: 1. Japan economy returns to growth in Q1, avoids recession (Chp 18 of the textbook) 2. Jobless claims hit 294,000 vs. 270,000 estimate (Chp 19 of the textbook) Guidelines - Students are expected to write a project in the form of an essay or report type. This should be typed or word-processed and it should comprise no more than 1,500 words for each article. - The report should comprise commentaries of news article. It is to enable students to apply their knowledge of economic theory and concepts to real-world situations. - Suggested format for the commentaries: i. A short paragraph to summarize the key issue of the article. ii. Identify and briefly explain the key concepts used. Define key economic definitions used. iii. Application of concepts/principles/theories to the key issue. Use diagrams whenever necessary. Use quotes and phrases from the article to highlight key issues. iv. Implications and economic insights – any problems caused, possible solutions, effects or costs of the problems. v. Evaluation - Your own viewpoints. Any alternative explanation or reasons. Do you agree with the author? Is the argument made in the article sound or convincing? vi. Append the article to the commentary.

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