The overall task is to write a Background Research Report consisting of 1100 to 1250 excluding the table of content and NO MORE THAN 1350 words. the topic is about designing a sustainable green 6 star rating building for apple. AND MY ROLL IS TO WRITE ABOUT PASSIVE COOLING in an apple building. it should consists of table of content, introduction, 3 paragraphs (body) and conclusion. 1) start with a table of content. i- table of content should have intro, three themes, conclusion and reference list. 2)introduction: 3 paragraphs. 1st para. you should define whats apple (4 lines) and then pick up any citation from FOCUS READER that talks about my topic. I will attach the focus reader paper. (sustainable building, Apple, Mechanical engineering, Green 6 star rating) All these words should be included in the intro. 2nd should write whats my purpose of this? what am i doing? example: the purpose of the background research is to provide research from a mechanical engineering aspects to the development of a sustainable apple building. 3rd para: a preview of the report. listing the three themes that i`ll talk about. the three themes should be about the process of passive cooling, aspects of passive cooling. 3)body: the body should have 3 paragraphs. which means 3 themes. since my topic is about passive cooling, i want three themes of passive cooling. (process). example: Thermal comfort: theme 1: chilled beans, theme 2: ventilation, theme 3: heat pumps. I want similar to that but that has to do with passive cooling.each theme should come from 1 source. so in total 3 sources of your choice. each paragraph should have atleast 2 citations. 4) include 3 graphics that has to do with passive cooling. and title each graph write down the source taken from. 5) conclusion: restate purpose, give concise summary of the report, use the keywords that mentioned at the top. 6) reference list: i should have atleast 5 sources: 1)the book: Heating cooling lighting by norbert lechner fourth edition. 2)google (for the graphics). 3)focus reader 4) and 5) up to you choose any book or source for themes ill attach a sample of what i exactly want. read it please and ill attach the focus reader to take quotes and putting it in the intro and themes ill attach the summary that you guys have done from the book heating cooling lighting. please call me or email me if you not sure what to do. and please stick to what i said and asked for, I use this site regularly so please don`t make so expensive

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