Moleculer Modelling Report

This is biotechnology assignment about moleculer modelling report see attached documents for information of assignment, experimental 1, 2 and 3, the information of my compound (C24H25ClFN5O3) and aminoacid sequences of my compound This assignment is to assess your skills in evaluating the properties of small molecules and proteins based on their 3 dimensional structures. The three molecular modeling experiments that you have conducted and the questions at the end of each experiment will be of help to write this report. Each section should contain information about the small organic molecule and the Amino Acid (AA) sequence (also known as target protein), you have been assigned. Information about the molecules and AA can be found in the following files in 1. Org_molecule&AA sequence with student_names_2016.docx 2. Number.sdf (i.e ‘1.sdf’ or ‘12.sdf’ etc)

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