modifying phrase or clause must end with a comma.

do the concrete images in the poem make it harder or easier to
figure out the meaning of the poem? Do other poetic techniques help you to understand the poem? Make sure you use at least a few short textual excerpts
from your poem in order to support your thesis. Secondary source material is optional. Compose an introductory paragraph ending with your thesis
statement; then, develop your analysis/commentary in the two content paragraphs.
This paper should be typewritten and double-spaced and submitted as a .docx
or .doc.
Important Reminders for Composing a Successful Essay:
1 Avoid spelling errors (including contraction, possessive, capitalization, and number–
singular/plural– mistakes); more than 3 = too many.
2 Avoid ending one sentence and beginning the next with the same word or phrase.
3 Do not use the 1st and 2nd person points of view (you, your; I).
4 Do not use the verb to get in any form.
5 Include margins; 1-1.25 on top, sides, and bottom.
6 Include double-spacing.
7 Do not omit words; two incidents of word omissions are too many.
9 Enter poem titles correctly.
10 Include authors name the first time a poem title is mentioned.
11 include correct punctuation when a modifying phrase or clause begins a sentence. (The
modifying phrase or clause must end with a comma.)
12 Eliminate sentence fragment and run on sentence errors

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