Migration of the Negro series.?

In the early twentieth century, large numbers of African-Americans moved from the rural South to the urban North to escape Jim Crow oppression and seek economic opportunities. In 1940-41, artist Jacob Lawrence addressed this subject in a series of captioned paintings he titled The Migration of the Negro. He painted in a simplified, geometric style he called dynamic cubism. Read the section addressing Lawrence and describing his art in chapter 3. Looking at his works, how would you describe dynamic cubism?Look at these examples from The Migration of the Negro series. What are the consistent repeated elements that Lawrence uses that identify his particular dynamic cubism style?
Try to find another example of his work somewhere else on the web and either link to it or put the image in this forum. Describe how Lawrence uses his style to express the theme of that image. I will upload pictures.
Panel 42: “They also made it very difficult for migrants leaving the South. They often went to railroad stations and arrested the Negroes wholesale, which in turn made them miss their trains.”Panel 52: “One of the most violent race riots occurred in East St. Louis.”

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