MGT 254. Contracts and Procurement Assignment 3

MGT 254. Contracts and Procurement Assignment 3

MGT 254. Contracts and ProcurementAssignment 3Respond Appropriately to the Following Request for Quotations (RFQ)—————————————————————————————-Puffy Pop Popcorn CompanyRequest for QuotationsPuffy Pop Popcorn Co. is a subsidiary of Great Plains Grocery, Inc., a supermarket chain serving five Midwestern states. Each month, Great Plains’ stores collectively sell an average of 5,000 pounds of pop corn kernels in one-pound plastic sacks. It sells the popcorn under the house brand name of Puffy Pop.Puffy Pop is looking for a new supplier of popcorn. The supplier must be able to meet the following requirements:1. 1. Supply popcorn kernels that pop to a clean white color.2. 2. Supply popcorn that produces fewer than 1% “old maids” (i.e., kernels that do not pop after cooking).3. 3. Is capable of bagging the popcorn in plastic bags that hold one-pound of corn kernels. The bags will be supplied by Puffy Pop.4. 4. Will supply Great Plains’ central warehouse in Desmoines, Iowa, with 3,500 one-pound bags of popcorn kernels each month and will have the capacity to add up to 2,000 additional bags – given one month’s prior notice – to meet changing levels of demand.Only vendors who have experience in supplying popcorn kernels to retailers should submit bids. At the time of the bid submittal, bidders should provide a one-pound quantity of their product which Puffy Pop can test.Bids should contain the following information:1. 1. Point of contact at the vendor facility. Include name, telephone number, fax number, address, and e-mail address.2. 2. Names of three clients who currently are supplied with popcorn kernels by the bidder. Phone numbers of these people should also be supplied.3. 3. Summary of corporate capabilities, including a brief history of experience in supplying clients with popcorn kernels.4. 4. Price per pound of popcorn kernels delivered to Great Plains’sDesmoines warehouse.5. 5. A brief statement of back-up plans in the event that the vendor is unable to supply the required quantities of popcorn.Bids should be submitted by XX/YY/20zz.

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