Marketing Plan: SWOT Analysis

Marketing Plan: SWOT Analysis

MKT 301Marketing Plan: SWOT Analysis Guidelines and Rubric
With the product or service selected for the Marketing Plan, conduct a SWOT Analysis. Click Marketing Plan: SWOT Analysis Example to view a sample of this assignment.
You are required to use a chart for the analysis. Click SWOT Analysis Table to download the template.
For each of the four parts of the SWOT Analysis, at least four factors are required; however, more may be needed depending on the product or service. Part of the grade will depend on how well the critical SWOTfactors are addressed. Bullets may be used, but grammar, punctuation, and spelling will count.
Submit the Marketing Plan: SWOT Analysis to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 3. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)

Criteria PunctualityAOn time.One-point deduction for each error inAPA,spelling, orpunctuation. Full points formeeting the length requirement.B10% for each day. One-point deductionfor each error inAPA,spelling, orpunctuation.C10% for each day. One-pointdeduction for eacherrorgrammar, spelling, or punctuation.D10% for each day. One-pointdeduction for eacherrorgrammar, spelling, or punctuation.F10% for each day. One-pointdeduction for eacherrorgrammar, spelling, or punctuation.Grammargrammar,grammar,in APA,in APA,in APA,10-point deduction for 75%.30-point deduction for 50%.40-point deduction for 25%.50-point deduction for less than 25%.Length40 points and upforbeyond 25% ofwhat is required.Full points for fully meeting the contentrequirements.10-point deduction for 75%.20-point deduction for 50%.30-point deduction for 25%.missing contentContent

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