Marketing Plan: Segmentation

Marketing Plan: Segmentation

For the Segmentation component of the Marketing Plan, identify and define the market segments you will target. You are required to identify and describe THREE segments for your product.
The analysis should include:1. A name for each segment (required). For example, if I were segmenting older consumers for a pet product, I might have “Empty Nesters” and “Little Old Lady Cat Lovers.”A narrative description of each of the segments. This is typihigh level the characteristics of the segment (see example).How you are segmenting the groupsVERY specific and use no less than THREE demographic and THREE psychographic variables for each of your segments. You may also need geographic variables. You may use BULLETS forthis part of the assignment.A summary chartAt your2.cally a paragraph and explains at a3., including the characteristics of your target segments. Be4. 5..option, you may include other charts and graphs however they are not required.
Click Marketing Plan: Segmentation Example to view a sample of this assignment.

Submit the Marketing Plan: Segmentation to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 4. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)

Criteria PunctualityAOn time.One-point deduction for each error inAPA,spelling, orpunctuation. Full points formeeting the length requirement.B10% for each day. One-point deductionfor each error inAPA,spelling, orpunctuation.C10% for each day. One-pointdeduction for eacherrorgrammar, spelling, or punctuation.D10% for each day. One-pointdeduction for eacherrorgrammar, spelling, or punctuation.F10% for each day. One-pointdeduction for eacherrgrammar, spelling, or punctuation.Grammargrammar,grammar,in APA,in APA,or in APA,10-point deduction for 75%.30-point deduction for 50%.40-point deduction for 25%.50-point deduction for less than 25%.Length40 points and upforbeyond 25% ofwhat is required.Full points for fully meeting the content requirements.10-point deduction for 75%.20-point deduction for 50%.30-point deduction for 25%.missing contentContent

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