Managing Finance in Health and Social Care

Question. 1 (10 marks)

Identify two tangible and two intangible resources of your company. Conduct PESTLE analysis based

on available financial and non-financial information. Justify how does your company’s organisational

strategy (vision, mission or objectives) reflect toward its external environment.

Question. 2 (4 marks)

Why do you think it is important for the interested stakeholders to look into the different financial

information about your facility? Support your answer with examples using requirements of two internal

and two external stakeholders from your organisation.

Question. 3 (11 marks)

Construct a two-year comparative profit and loss statement using at least two incomes and five expenses

that the chosen facility might incur while delivering health services to its clients. Students can refer to

any one health business plans from

plan_templates.php for financial information.

Question. 4 (8 marks)

Discuss the implications of the results of ratios for analysing a company`s financial performance. Use

the following profitability ratios using figures from the above financial statement:

a. Gross profit margin

b. Mark up

c. Net profit margin

d. Operating profit margin



Question. 1 (6 marks)

What comes to your mind when you think of the financial responsibilities in your future profession?

How are they different from an accountant’s profession? Point our three key points on responsibilities

and three key points on differences.

Question. 2 (6 marks)

Point our three contextual factors (that may include government regulations, politics, accounting

standards, technological advancements, globalisation, sustainability, ethics and national economy) that

you think could influence the financial aspect of your future profession as a health service manager.

Give an example to support each factor.

Question. 3 (3 marks)

What do you think are the major issues you might face in your profession while interacting with your

financial stakeholders? Point out three such issues that you expect might face in your future profession

as a health service manager.

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