Managing Customer Database

This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements You are to create and use a total of 2 different linked spreadsheets that use advanced spreadsheet features –relevant to your company. Think about your company, and what you could use spread sheets for. Ideas might include: • Customer database • menus, • itinerary, • staff details, • wages, • timesheets, etc You must discuss your spreadsheet concept with your assessor prior to commencing this assessment Functions to be demonstrated must include 3 from the list below • mathematical functions (e.g. square root, integer, absolute value, round) • statistical functions (eg. standard deviation, count, maximum, minimum) • basic financial functions (if available) • date functions • logical functions (eg. lookup, if, choose, true, false, conditions) • simple nested functions. Your assessor will also be required to observe you in this task. During this observation, your assessor will be assessing you: • Using safe work practices • Developing a linked spreadsheet solution • Automating and standardising your spreadsheet operation (through creating, using and editing macros nd templates) • Using your spreadsheet ensuring you • Enter, check and amend each spreadsheet correctly • Enter your data effectively • Use manuals or user documentation (including on-line) for assistance where required • Review, adjust and print your spreadsheet • Name and store your spreadsheet accordingly • Representing numerical data into graph form •

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