Management Sport

Please structure your report in a clear manner using appropriate sub-headings. Be
sure to include an introduction, conclusion, executive summary, table of contents and
reference list in your report.
 Provided you incorporate the above elements, you can structure your report in any
logical way that effectively organises the required information. While you can address
each single bullet point separately, you may prefer to structure the report in a way
that allows each challenge and its associated actions to be discussed in its own
section. This is up to you.
 To support the points you make in your assignment and provide rationale for the
decisions you make, you will need to conduct research and include relevant citations
in the body of your writing (along with a reference list). Information from your text
book, readings and additional research, with a focus on credible information from
peer reviewed journal articles, text books and the like, is required. An example would
be to use research to assist you in devising short, medium and long term
objectives/goals. What does the literature say about how one might go about doing
 Please use Harvard referencing style.
 Refer to the assignment rubric to ensure you understand how marks will be allocated.

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