Loan servicing calculation

Using the information contained in the Scenario below, please complete the following 6 tasks. You
must complete each task in order for your submission to be assessed. Omission of any of these 6 tasks
will be regarded as Not Yet Competent and you will then be required to resubmit this assessment in full.
1. Complete the Fact Find document on these clients – using the form in Appendix 14.
 We have not included all supplementary information on these clients so you will need to
create your own “improvised” answers for inclusion in the Fact Find document.
Trainees who already have access to their own version of a Fact Find template may use
their own form as an alternative to that provided in Appendix 14.
2. Recommend a product for the clients and explain your reasons for recommendation
3. List the supporting documents that would be needed to support the loan
4. Complete loan costing sheet
5. Complete a loan servicing calculation (NSR)
6. Complete a loan application form (an ANZ loan application form has been provided for
you which you must use) and complete all of the accompanying documents as provided
for you. Your answer to this Activity should be prepared as if you were submitting a
real full loan application to the lender.

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