LO3 Be able to apply ICONIX method to develop an information system

Unit 21 Application Engineering Assignment Brief


Application Engineering

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The Assignment Brief consists of THREE elements

Part I - A Group Presentation
Part II - A Report
Part III - A Case Study

Part I: Group Presentation – L01 (a), L02 (a)

The Aim of the Presentation is for you to demonstrate what you have learnt about Application Engineering (AEG). You are expected to carry out some tasks and to provide arguments for what you have done and to contrast it with other options.

Part II: Report - L01 (b), L02 (b)

 Compare and contrast the following concepts.

  • Traditional SDLCs vs. Rapid Application Development
  • Traditional Structure Methodologies vs. Traditional Object Oriented Methodologies

Examine and critically evaluate at least three agile methods

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